Gina's Cat

Xena, my Warrior Princess

Xena means welcoming and hospitable. My cat is certainly that, she is always happy to greet visitors to our house. However, she can also be a bit of a warrior princess, giving a quick squeak and zooming off around the house.
(Remember to watch out for those claws!).

The photographs below link to larger views.

Just days after we got Xena

Xena relaxing on purple rug

Xena on small chair

Xena in blue harness

Xena and Colin

Xena in basket

Xena on top of scratching post

Xena out in the snow

Xena swiping at tap water

Xena on shoulder

Xena in box during house move

Xena enjoying the sun

Xena, Christmas 2002

Xena and Carole

Emma walking Xena

Xena on Easel

Xena in Hatbox

Xena behind Curtain