A gravel path between fruit trees in blosom leading to a door in a wall
A boat on the beach on the bay with torquoise sea behind
Lady looking at reflections in Crail harbour
Boat in harbour reflected on the water
Two manequins in Mary Quant outfits, one has a lobster on a leash
Two people on beach with storm clouds behind them
Waterfall on river running between trees in autumn colours
Painting of the palazzo lit up at night and the lights reflecting in the canal
Painting of the cottages at West Shore with the sea almost reaching the seawall
Bluebells amongst moss covered birch trees
Trees with winter snow on the ground and the river Tay in the distance
Black headed gull standing in water with the sun lighting the plumage
Fields covered in snow with a gate and fence receding to the distance
The sun setting over the loch of Glencoe surrounded by mountains
Two puffins on a rock in the sun


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